"Through the magic of the kid and the horse"


The California Rangers is the perfect organization for young adults between the ages of 9 to 18 who simply have a desire to ride horses and be a part of a team. You do not need any previous riding experience and you do not need to own your own horse. The only requirements to join The California Rangers is a willingness to learn, lack of fear and to participate in weekly practices and annual events.

We teach both basic English and Western equitation riding styles to all level of riders. Each troop within the organization is lead by a volunteer adult instructor and assisted by youth leaders who have progressed through the ranks and gained the proper horsemanship knowledge to conduct pier-to-pier instruction. It is through this rank system and basic military duties that the members of the California Rangers learn teamwork, responsibility and morale in addition to their riding skills. Members participate in individual and team riding in a structured environment which teaches respect for horse, the sport of riding and fellow riders.

Young adults interested in learning how to ride horses with the California Rangers should read the following sections of our web site to better understand our organization: Today, What is Expected, Guest Ride as well as our CR Handbook(.pdf) (.doc). Children should also thoroughly discuss with their parents the importance of commitment when joining a team sport as well as the financial, physical and academic responsibilities that is involved when becoming a member of the California Rangers. It is recommended that families pick a night, a ranch and riding style that is best suited to them, then before attending an actual Guest Ride go out to your chosen Troop and watch a complete ride night from beginning to end. Talk to the Troop Commanders and parents of current members to determine if the California Rangers is right for you. As each Troop has its' own dynamic and different members you may find that visiting several Troops will help you to determine which one your child will find to be more comfortable.




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